Here you can find basic informations needed to cooperate with our exposure CTP. Check how is correct way to prepare and send file to us. If you have any questions contact with employees of CTP by phone +48 52 365 10 29 or +48 695 787 373 or send email to

Our constant business partners get their individual login and password to FTP. If you still hasn't got it please contact via email with marketing section or CTP Others could send files to our standard FTP :

  • Server:
  • Port: 2121
  • User: mm
  • Password: mediamagazines

After you sent files please contact by phone +48 52 365 10 29 or +48 695 787 373 or send email to We are requiring assent of processed files.

Information about drivers and color profiles are available here :

  • Server:
  • User: sterowniki
  • Password: sterowniki



  • file type - PDF
  • composite cutting lines placed outside the bleed
  • bleeds 5 mm on each side
  • printing black
  • lack of color profiles
  • included fonts or text converted to curves
  • CMYK color scale
  • image resolution at least 225 dpi
  • the degree of coverage max. 250%
  • distance the text of cutting, gluing not less than 5 mm


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